Walker Warranty


Walker Downriggers Inc. hereby warrants the product listed below, to the original purchaser (nontransferable) against defective workmanship and/or material defects when used for the purpose intended, under normal conditions, and provided the product receives proper care. The following schedule indicates the specific duration of time& description of warrantied parts.

“2” year warranty period from date of purchase
includes 12 volt motors, drive shafts , drive hubs, gears, cable spool, rod holder tubes, aluminum or superglass arms, and all pulleys.

“1” year warranty period from date of purchase
includes DTS LCD readout units, communication or power cords, depth counters, switches, D.C. relays, downrigger bodies, electronic sensors, magnets, line guide brackets, rod holder brackets, swivel end brackets.

Warranty Coverage “Exclusions”
There is “no” warranty of any kind, for the following parts (but not limited to): downrigger cable of any kind, (or connections thereto), temp sense probes, clutch pads, washers, counter springs, hold down knobs, threaded parts of any kind, swivel bases, automatic weight retrievers,(or components thereof) and all other Walker accessories and parts not specifically included under the special “1” or “2” year warranty coverage
listings above. Also excluded from warranty are loss/ parts failure or damages caused by improper installation, or operation. Also excluded from warranty are failures or malfunctions due to parts “worn out” from normal use.

All merchandise requiring warranty repairs should be returned to one of the following (prepaid with this, or limited lifetime warranty) certificate and properly dated receipt proving date of purchase.

Walker Downrigger Service Center
2530 Harold Dr.
Allegan Mi. 49010

Ph 269-673-7442

In Canada
Walker Downriggers Inc.
209 Side St., Box 300
Stayner Ontario, L0M1S0

PH (705) 428- 4428

**Cost of parts and labor on warranty repairs is at no charge. All frt. Charges however, are the responsibility of the customer.

The warranty provided herein is in lieu of all other express warranties. All other obligations or liabilities, including liabilities for consequential damages, or losses are hereby excluded.

***(Must be applied for within 30 days of date of purchase.)

Increase the standard (2) two year limited warranty period, to the lifetime of the original purchaser. (Does not apply to items covered by “1” year warranty or items “Excluded” from warranty.) Simply fill out and return the bottom portion of this offer, with a $10.00 registration fee, and you will
receive the Limited Lifetime Warranty Certificate in the mail (please allow 4 - 6 weeks for processing).

Mail to: Walker Downriggers Inc., 209 side St., P.O. Box 300, Stayner Ontario Canada L0M1S0.

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