Adjustable Line Release
Easy to set; just wrap and snap. Totally adjustable, releases only at the strike. Black anodized aluminum for fresh water. Fits all makes of downriggers. Individually carded, 12 to a box. Full one-year warranty.
Part No. LR


This is a clincher and release in one


 Part No. LR-Term

Tip Up Base

Allows for verticle storage. Unviversal mount.

Adjustable Dual Rod Holder
Adjusts every 15° to multiple angles. Bracket made of tough molded plastic. Tubes are 9-1/4" long with flared top. Gimbaled with drain hole in bottom. Fits all models except BaySide and Laker Series.
Part No. ADRH
Downrigger Cable
Premium extra-strength stranded stainless steel wire. Can be used with all makes of downriggers. Available in your choice of 200- or 300-foot spools, 195-lb. test.
Part No. 200W, 300W or 350W

Unique cable terminator, using the patented body and tongue design, comes with rubber shock button.

Part No. HAN-88
Fits electrics, mini-lakers and post 1987 little lakers. Part No. HAN-KF Fits Kingfisher, Coastal, Striper and Ski Retrieve.
Part No. HAN-LM
Fits Lakemaster and Bayside models.

Duo Temp-Sense
Repair Kit

Re-terminates TSR Walker Downriggers with a new temperature-reading probe. Field replaceable, inexpensive, with easy to follow instructions. Installs in minutes. Complete with cable shock and cinch. Individually carded.
Part No. DTS-RK for DTS 2000 only.

Temperature Cable
Two-hundred feet of coaxial downrigger temperature cable with thermistor affixed for use with TSR models.
Part No. DTS-TC Specify for DTS 2000 or DTS 3000

Aluminum Downrigger Arms
Part No. AR-EXT
13/16" x 1' arm extension
Part No. AR-EXT-B
13/16" x 1' butt section      
Part No. AR-EXT-S
13/16" x 1' swivel section

Part No. AR2+2B
13/16" x 2' butt section
Part No. AR2+2S
13/16" x 2' swivel section
Part No. AR2+2
13/16" x 4' two-piece sectional arm


Single Pad Style Line Release
Part No. LR-200

Double Pad Style Line Release
Part No. LR-400


Double Pad Style Line Release
Part No. LR-400


Short Swivel Base
Has 360° rotation - indexes every 45°, low profile only 1-3/4" tall. Anodized aluminum construction and stainless steel fittings with baked on marine enamel. Fits all makes of Walker Downriggers except Mini-Laker.
Part No. SSB

Locking Knobs
Provides security for downriggers when left on boat. Replaces hold down knob. Fits all models except Bay Side and Laker Series. Requires long shank padlock (not included).
Part No. LOK-97

Quick Mount Base
For quick installation of Walker Downriggers into built-in gunwale rod holders. Fits major brands. Individually boxed.
Part No. QM
(Specify 25°-30°)

Stanchion Base
Allows positioning of downriggers at a greater height. Anodized aluminum construction. Six inches tall. Ideal for mounting boards. Individually boxed.
Part No. STAND-6

Angle Stand
Allows positioning of downrigger at a greater height and angles arm upward for easier access to downrigger weight. Six inches tall.
Part No. AU-STAND-6

Narrow Base Angle Stand
Allows positioning of downrigger at a greater height and angles arm upward for easier access to downrigger weight. Six inches tall. Designed for boats with narrow gunwales.
Base 2-1/2" x 6".
Part No. NB-STAND-6

Fits all boats with gunwales up to 2-3/4" wide. Rugged, heavy duty construction fits WALKER, Big Jon, Cannon, and Penn downrigger brands.

Front & Rear Hold Down Knobs
For Kingfisher & Electric Models
Part No. CP-20

Counter Drive Spring
4 Pack 

Part No. CP-09 4PK





Mounting kit for deck plate (bolts, nuts and washers)
Part No. M-KIT

Deck Plate
Part No. DP-1

Right hand couner with pulley
Part No. EDR-RH

Clutch Knob
Part No. EDR-12

Automatic Weight Retriever
Automatically retrieves weight to the gunwale or transom to eliminate reaching. Anodized aluminum with stainless steel fittings and durable plastic rollers. Includes cable shock kit. Fits EDR & MDR.
Part No. AWR
Must be factory-installed on Temp units and Strike Vision™ units.