High-Resolution Photos and Photo Captions
The same format used by the stock image houses, these photos are formatted as high-resolution JPG images for use as color or black and white photography in your publication or on-line. Each photo is linked to an appropriate caption. Caption files are Microsoft Word format.

The image files are RGB color space, and should be converted to CMYK for process printing. They are suitable for use at 300dpi at 5"x7".

Click the name of the image or the filename next to the thumbnail to download the images from the CD. The photo caption text file is next to the photo link. When you click the photo image, a new browser window will appear.

For Windows users, right click the image and save the source file to your hard drive. For Mac users, click and hold the mouse down, then save source file to your hard drive. Files sizes range from 1.5mb to 7.7mb.

There are also two folders on this CD named "hi-res-images" and "text_files" where you may find all the source files referenced below.

--All photos used for publication must be attributed to Walker Downriggers, Inc.
--Suggested attribution: "Photo Courtesy of Walker Downriggers, Inc."

Pure Product Shot.jpg
Pure Product
Shot caption

Product Shot with Video Unit.jpg
Product Shot with Video Unit caption

Product Shot with Fish Art.jpg
Product Shot with
Fish Art caption

Hit and Miss.jpg
Hit and Miss caption

The Chase.jpg
The Chase caption

The Strike.jpg
The Strike caption

Fish On!.jpg
Fish on! caption